Experience the Tiny Home Village

Mar 09, 2017
The home show will feature a Tiny Home Village, coordinated by Dale Geist of the Tiny House Roadshow and sponsored by Belgard. Five tiny homes will be completely decorated – inside and out – with local landscapers from Belgard adding their finishing touches around the homes. This unique trade show will bring knowledgeable representatives together in one location, providing an incredible learning opportunity for tiny house enthusiasts.


We spoke with Dale Geist, creator of the Tiny House Roadshow, who provided more background knowledge on the development of the show.

“The growing tiny home industry has generated so much enthusiasm that the time has come for a trade show dedicated to tiny houses,” Geist says. “The goal of the Tiny Home Village is to provide an educational and enjoyable show dedicated to tiny houses and related technologies.”

In April 2016, Dale launched his first show in Cookeville, TN – 9,200 people came to see the village. When Dale asked attendees, “What in particular brought you to this home show?” the answer was most often “We had to see the tiny homes!”

Tiny home villages are popping up all over the country. They are fun, unsual and always bring a high level of excitement to the show. They are appealing to every age and address a new way of living.

Dale describes the experience like “a kid in a candy store.” Guests light up when they first see it and their smiles never fade.

Whether you are actively pursuing the tiny house lifestyle, considering simplifying your life or merely curious to see what all the chatter is about, the Tiny Home Village has something for you.

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MARCH 10 - 12, 2017