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1305 3rd Ave N, Ste 126
Nashville TN
Booth: 1254

Company Description:

At BinFresh, we sterilize and deodorize your trash bins so that you don't have to! Our no-hassle curbside cleaning is specifically designed to make your day. We wash your bins inside and out using high-pressure water and eco-friendly cleaning products to steam and kill 99.9% of bacteria, fungi and viruses currently living in your trash bin.

Since we take the dirty water and dispose of it in an environmentally safe way, the best part is you will feel better knowing that harmful chemicals, such as Clorox, will not seep into the groundwater or storm drains that end up polluting our rivers, streams, and lakes. It's a win, win for you, your neighbors and your communities!

​Serving Residential, Commercial and Home-Owner Associations!

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Use promo code, EXPO22, when signing up and get $10 off your first cleaning!

New Products

We cover a 20 mile radius from downtown for residential and commercial customers. We have also begun pressure washing dumpsters, grease traps and greasy areas around them.

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