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Kortney and Dave Wilson2

 kortney & dave wilson    


 denise simons & alison poland  

Ethan Shane

ethan shane

Ethan Shane was born and raised in south Nashville. His heart has always been in arts and music. At a young age, Ethan realized he wanted to do as much with creativity as possible.  He has been involved in everything from poetry to choir, to art and music theory.  While pushing boundaries he discovered floral design strictly because fate allowed him to. With no formal education in floral design he never realized this would lead to an avenue in which he could create things from his heart and soul.  Floral Design allowed him to connect with others as he always dreamed of. Ethan’s experience can be accredited to the hours and commitment put forth daily.   Ethan’s main goal in floral design is to ultimately share with others the blessings of the purpose and process.