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Seal Smart

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Permanent sealant for wood (25 year warranty), concrete, brick and more!

Seal-Smart Mission Statement:
To protect the integrity of your investment with permanent sealants for...
Masonry & Block. Also to protect and beautify wood decks, wood siding, wood fences and more with
Seal-Smart Wood Sealant.

The Seal-Smart Wood Sealant prevents cracking, rotting, warping and splitting and is backed with a 25 year warranty.
The Seal-Smart cleaning process restores wood to its original and natural color.
The Seal-Smart Wood Sealant inhibits mold, mildew and fungus growth.
The Seal-Smart Wood Sealant increases wood strength and density.
The Seal-Smart Wood Sealant is a one time flood application.
The Seal-Smart Wood Sealant does not make water bead up, because it creates an internal barrier against moisture.

Protect and beautify all concrete surfaces with Seal-Smart Concrete. Sealant &
Seal-Smart Concrete Sealant prevents dusting, pitting and scaling.
Seal-Smart Concrete Sealant prevents alkali damage
and guards against penetrating stains, including oil.
Seal-Smart Concrete Sealant does not make water bead up, because it creates an internal barrier against moisture.
Seal-Smart Concrete Sealant are separate one time flood coat applications.

Preserve the beauty and life of your wood, concrete and masonry with the environmentally-safe Seal-Smart sealing system. Guaranteed for 25 years, a one-time application of the Seal-Smart system forms a permanent bond with wood, concrete and masonry, creating a protective barrier against damaging elements and chemicals.
No other sealant can match the unparalleled protection you get with the licensed Seal-Smart system.
Exclusive 25 Year Guarantee.

Our goal is to provide you the highest customer service, with the best products available at a fair and reasonable price.
For more information and to request a free quote or consultation,
please contact us by: Email: info@seal-smart.com

From our management, to our staff at our call center, to our technicians who will visit your property, to our installers who will perform our process to preserve and protect your investment, your satisfaction with our product and service is our NO. 1 goal. All of that and a 25 year warranty. Call us today.